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Genesis 4-5 HCSB

I found the reading today to be uneven in its quality, and even odd in a few places. 4:1 (also 4:17, 15) “Adam was intimate with his wife Eve.” Translations vary considerably on how to translate יָדַ֖ע (yadah), “to know” … Continue reading

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Genesis 1-3 HCSB

Overall, this section reads very well. There were no major surprises or awkward readings. “Formless and …” For those used to a KJV family of translations (KJV, RSV, NAS, NKJV, ESV), Gen. 1:2 was enough different, to cause a slight … Continue reading

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HCSB and Devotions

I have set up this site to write about my devotional reading of various translations. My focus for 2013 is HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible). I will follow a one year reading plan, averaging about three chapters per day. I … Continue reading

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