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A quick look at specific translation choices

What goes around…

In Genesis 28-31 we see that Jacob leaving the promised land. And we see the dissension caused by Isaac and Rebekah loving one child more than another. Isaac loved Esau … but Rebekah loved Jacob. (25:28) Devotional Thoughts Because Jacob … Continue reading

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Law and Gospel—in Genesis

Have you ever noticed that after a spiritual high, that a low period follows? Such is the case as we continue reading from Genesis 17 (high) to Genesis 18-19 (low) with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. But even there … Continue reading

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Framework of OT: Genesis 12-14

From the broad history of Genesis 1-11, God narrows down His saving work to one person, Abram. Two chapters (Genesis 12 and 15) form mountain peaks for the rest of the Genesis narrative, in fact, the entire Old Testament narrative. … Continue reading

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Genesis 4-5 HCSB

I found the reading today to be uneven in its quality, and even odd in a few places. 4:1 (also 4:17, 15) “Adam was intimate with his wife Eve.” Translations vary considerably on how to translate יָדַ֖ע (yadah), “to know” … Continue reading

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